People Shared Their Awful Experiences With Terrible Neighbors

If our neighbors are kind, wholesome, polite, and respectful, the ‘love your neighbor’ quote is easy to put into practice. But when our neighbors are exactly the opposite, the adage becomes extremely difficult to live by. And some people may put our patience to the test. You probably have at least one annoying neighbor in your building or neighborhood. However, we can promise you that they are not as horrible as the ones other internet users have had to cope with. Here, we have prepared a list of stories to prove that these people could use a little neighborly love from time to time. Keep in mind that not everyone is like this, though; most neighbors are lovely. But the following compilation does not include any of them.

This creepy person used a hide-a-key to break into their neighbor’s house

From time to time, you might tell your neighbor where your extra key is just in case. Perhaps you will be out of town and need someone to feed your pets or water your plants. In any case, you should never break in without their permission.

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Instead of waiting for instructions or asking for permission, this neighbor decided to break in and use some groceries that their neighbor had purchased. We are not sure why this person does not consider it trespassing.

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