Justin Bieber And Diane Keaton Are Friends? These Unlikely Celebrity Friendships Will Surprise You!

Sometimes people meet and become friends under the most random, unlikely circumstances, and some are just so unbelievable. We’re used to budding friendships between our faves who have mutual friends or similar personalities. What we’re not used to are friendships between celebs who aren’t in the same age range or industry. Here are five of the most unlikely celeb friendships.

Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez

Jennifer Aniston has recently formed what seems like an unlikely friendship with the “Only Murders in the Building” actress. Although we know Jennifer Aniston is an actress, Selena Gomez is more of a musician, so they couldn’t have met on set like co-actors.

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According to Jennifer, she met the younger celebrity through their manager, Allen Keshishian. In an interview, Selena disclosed that Jennifer gives her maternal advice. In another interview, Jennifer said Selena was like a little cherub she wanted to take care of.

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Penn Badgley and Cardi B

The friendship between Cardi B and Penn Badgley started when the You” star praised Cardi B for her relationship with her fans. According to him, the rapper has an authentic relationship with her fans, and that’s why people love her so much. Her reaction was ‘loud’.

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She exclaimed wildly on Twitter, expressing her excitement that the actor knew her. Since then, they have entered into an enviable friendship. There was a time they used pictures of each other as profile pictures on Twitter.

Justin Bieber and Diane Keaton

Justin Bieber and Diane Keaton’s friendship is another surprising relationship that we love. About eight years ago, the older star disclosed that she had a crush on the “Baby” singer on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. It was a surprising confession.

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However, since Diane has been Justin’s vocal stan for several years, their friendship fits right in. She is one of Justin Bieber’s closest celebrity friends; she has been one of his biggest supporters from way back.

Lizzo and Harry Styles

Here is one celebrity friendship that we don’t know where or how it started- all we know is that they have recently become a tight duo. The former One Direction singer has been shipped with different people in the past, but we didn’t think of Lizzo.

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The two friends have been spotted hanging out together at award shows like The Grammys and The Brits. They performed together at Coachella, impressing fans. What’s there not to like about their friendship? We love their budding friendship and even ship it!

Ed Sheeran and Courtney Cox

It’s no news that Ed Sheeran isn’t the most social singer out there- and that’s why it surprised us to learn about his friendship with the “Friends” star Courtney Cox. According to the “Perfect” singer, they met at Courtney’s house in 2014.

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He attended a party at her house and had to crash because his ride left without him. Ed Sheeran also revealed that he later stayed at her place for months. He later introduced Courtney to her fiance, Johnny McDaid

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