Jimmy Fallon Asked People To Share Their #IGotCaught Moments, And The Responses Were Simply Hilarious

We live and we learn and, of course, we make some pretty awkward things along the way. We have all had embarrassing experiences that we wish had not happened, but realizing that we should simply learn to laugh about them is one of the best things in life. After all, humans make mistakes, and no one should take themselves too seriously. Jimmy Fallon asked his followers to post funny and awkward stories about things they have seen, heard, or done using the hashtag #IGotCaught. It brought out the best of this social networking, which allows us to interact with people and find out how much we all have in common. Read on to see why Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag challenges are always a hit.

This man called in sick but appeared on TV

Sometimes, it is not what we do but how we do it. It is completely common to lie to our boss to get a sick day off when we’re actually healthy, but this tweet is the living proof that sometimes, a lie has no legs and so it is best to play it smart.

Courtesy of Instagram

If you are going to tell your boss you are feeling sick and then go to a music festival, you probably should not stand in front of any cameras. Also, see if our boss does not have a similar musical taste so we do not get caught when they are watching the festival on TV.

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