Jimmy Fallon Asked People To Share Their Weird Mom Stories, And They Are Hilarious

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has been doing the special #Hashtag segment for years now, and it always goes viral. The comedian usually sets a hashtag and calls fans on Twitter to submit any funny stories they might have that fit into the theme. Obviously, the responses are generally in the hundreds of thousands, and not all stories make it on the show for Jimmy to read aloud. That does not mean that they are not funny. The theme this time was “Mom Quotes,” and people rushed into telling the world about the strange things their mothers say and do. Some were so ridiculous that they made us laugh out loud. Check out this compilation of incredibly funny stories.

As it turns out, fans do have a “winter” and a “summer” mode

Mothers sometimes say the most incredible things to keep their children from doing something they do not want them to do. This Twitter user thought his mother was pulling his leg, but it turns out fans truly do have different settings for “winter” and “summer.”

Photo: @imramble via Instagram

We are not sure if there is a book that explains it, but most fans have a switch that will change the direction in which they circulate depending on whether you wish to move heat around or to create a cooling breeze. This is because hot air acts differently from cold air.

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