Get Ready To Laugh Out Loud After Seeing These Wild Party Fails

When it comes to sharing crazy stories, Jimmy Fallon never fails to disappoint us. In his Late Night segment called Hashtag, the renowned host invites Twitter enthusiasts to reply to a specific tweet with a personal anecdote. This time people were asked to send their most memorable #PartyFail. As it turns out, de-stressing with friends and switching your work meetings for a red cup and funky music can lead to embarrassing situations. But it is said that tragedy plus time equals comedy, right? If this is true, these party-goers will have to wait a little before being able to laugh at their mortifying episodes. From ruined expensive carpets to drunk-cuddling with objects, get ready to see some awkward and hilarious stories of people who wish they had stayed home.

Causing a scene in their first (and last) house party

Some people have a responsible attitude when it comes to drinking for the first time. Before going to any house parties, they taste different alcoholic beverages to see the effect of each one on their bodies. Of course, others skip that kind of training and have a “let’s see what happens” outlook on life, such as Twitter user @writtenby_jvb.

Image courtesy of Twitter @writtenby_jvb

Their first house party was definitely more memorable for the other guests than theirs. Although it’s best to make a good impression on the host, @writtenby_jvb might have gone a little overboard. Also, no matter how weird your cravings are, a snack bar was probably a better choice than toilet paper.

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