Before You Overthink That Christmas Wish List, Consider These Unconventional Celebrity Christmas Gifts

Although we can buy their makeup and dress up like them, celebrities live a different life from ours. While a luxury car might be seen as a crazy Christmas gift request to an average person, it is just one of the many gifts celebrities get for Christmas. Since we’re going into the gift-giving season, this article is about five of the most unconventional celebrity Christmas gifts.

Creating a holiday around someone…What could beat that?

While many people know Ludacris as a celebrity, we also follow his wife, Eudoxie. Of course, that’s how we knew that he got her a new Mercedes-Benz worth $160,000 to celebrate Christmas. Don’t exclaim yet; that’s not all.

Courtesy: Instagram

Ludacris created Mrs. Bridge’s Day, a fictional holiday around his wife. He also gifted her an in-home hair salon, plus a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It’s an understatement to say these Christmas gifts are far from traditional.

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One is unconventional, but five?!

Kanye West is an extravagant lover, and the gifts he has given his significant other in the past prove this beyond all doubt. Well, this has to be one of the most lavish gifts he has ever given someone for Christmas.

Courtesy: CarBuzz

We can’t forget when Ye gifted his then-wife, Kim Kardashian, five luxury cars for Christmas. Each of the Mercedes-Maybach SUVs cost $200,000. Is there something that extravagant on your wish list?

Bathing in gold, literally

Mike Tyson is the type of celebrity you’d expect to give out-of-the-box gifts. However, the Christmas gift he got for his then-wife some years back was a romantic and thoughtful one.

The fighter spoiled his ex, Robin Givens, with a 24-karat gold bathtub, which cost $2.2 million. Unfortunately, when the couple separated, it was auctioned for $1.2 million. But it must have felt good to bathe in gold, right?

We all love waterfalls; we just never thought they could be gifted

You can’t wrap this gift in wrapping paper and fit it under the Christmas tree. Although Brad Pitt didn’t unwrap this with a bow, it was a sparkling Christmas gift. In 2012, his then-wife gifted him a waterfall in California. 

Courtesy: Wikipedia

According to Angelina Jolie, he had been dreaming of buying a house with the sound of a waterfall underneath it. She gifted him the waterfall to encourage him to buy a house over it. Sadly, even the waterfall couldn’t keep the couple together.

Everyone dreams of a pony for Christmas

Although animals like reindeer are a part of many Christmas legends, it’s not common to gift people animals for Christmas. Well, this probably explains why Lady Gaga was pleasantly surprised to get this gift.

In 2015, a white pony was delivered to the celebrity as a Christmas gift from her record label. On her social media, Lady Gaga promised to ride, care for, and love the pretty pony forever. Who wouldn’t?

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