Airbnbs For Our Bibliophile Friends

When we travel, often the biggest problem we run into is what book (or books) we want to pack to read while we’re away. And we know what you’re thinking, but how do you even have time to read on vacation? We make time. Coffee on a balcony in a new city is best paired with a book, same with trying a new cafe on a rainy afternoon or staying in to cook dinner after a busy day of exploring, all scenarios where we require a book to curl up with. Today we’re going to look at a few Airbnbs that have gorgeous libraries for all of our fellow bibliophiles. 

Library Loft Apartment 

This Airbnb is located above a bookstore on a historic street. Do we even need to go on? The open-concept loft apartment housed in an 1888 building features 10-foot windows, 12.5′ tin ceilings, and original hardwood floors. Here you’ll stay above The Book Vine and Underground Clothing where guests can enjoy books, coffee, and the overall vibe. Check it out here

Laurel Canyon Hillside Home 

If you’re looking for the ultimate quiet getaway, then look no further than this unique hillside home where guests can enjoy the scenery, wildlife, and of course, the inside of a book. This gorgeous space is also just minutes away from all the L.A. stuff if you want to explore the city. But good luck getting us away from those bookshelves, tbh. Check it out here

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Camp Arden: The Library 

Have you ever just wanted to spend the night in a library? If so, we have just the place for you in Loon Lake, New York. To quote the host, “Curl up with your favorite book and take in the light of antique stained glass and the sounds of the Adirondacks gently wafting through the window.” Aaaand we’re sold. Check it out here

Storybook Cottage 

If the ultimate getaway to you sounds like cooking a glorious meal in a chef’s kitchen, enjoying said meal under the trees, then relaxing in the evening breeze while sprawled out in a hammock then this storybook cottage was practically made for you. (And yes, we too have thought about all of the books we could read in this cottage!) Check it out here

Lidar West 

Last, but certainly not least, we have Lidar West, a 1,400-square-foot mountain home that is so breathtakingly beautiful it’s been featured in publications all around the world. Spring, summer, fall, or winter, there is never a bad time to book a stay in a cabin in the mountains. If your TBR pile is getting out of hand, don’t be shy, stay a couple of weeks. Check it out here!

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