These Influencers Edited Their Photos A Little Too Much

Most of us are probably guilty of sprucing up our social media profiles. However, it is essential not to lose yourself along the way. Regarding Photoshop, some influencers just do not know where to stop when it comes to creating a completely new version of themselves. They are not fooling anyone, though. The subreddit r/Instagramreality is committed to uncovering these phonies and allowing us to see their true colors. This community, which has approximately 950K members, posts new findings that appear too good to be true. These include famous influencers and well-known social media users who have gone a little too far with Photoshop to redefine physically impossible outcomes and create an unrealistic version of themselves. Keep on reading to find out who is getting exposed.

The photo the photographer posted vs. the image the model posted

Forget about all those beautiful ballerinas you have seen before! Nothing compares to the shock you will get from this one. This side-by-side comparison illustrates how the original photo appeared on the photographer’s Instagram feed and how the influencer’s version appeared.

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Why did she feel the need to modify her pic like that? She is already beautiful and has a dancer’s physique. Still, she would have difficulty walking if her buttocks and thighs were as atrophied as they appear in the modified image.

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