Wedding Celebration Gone Wrong: These Hilarious Reddit Mishaps Make Us Wish We Attended These Chaotic Nuptials

We don’t attend weddings just for the sappy vows- the dress, the cake, and a night full of dancing make a wedding memorable. However, these same aspects, from the best man’s speech to the couple’s dance and outfits, can turn a wedding into a hilariously ridiculous affair. We’re all about those hilarious wedding mishaps here- and we’ve gathered the best of them. Let’s get into it.

Of all the risks to take…

One of the things that stresses the bride-to-be out the most as her wedding approaches is her dress. So you’ll understand our surprise at this bride’s unwavering faith in her dress designer.

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After her dress was altered, she didn’t bother to try it on- bold move if you ask us. It was on the wedding day they discovered that the corset wasn’t even attached. So she had to be late to her wedding and wear her dress with countless safety pins. Well, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime lesson.

What’s the opposite of delayed gratification?

Have you ever expected something big because a promise was delayed, only to be disappointed by the standard stuff you got instead? That was presumably how the guests at this wedding felt.

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Why would the food truck delay for two whole hours?! As if it wasn’t frustrating enough that they had to keep refilling their glasses for hours, the food wasn’t good. If only it was socially acceptable for adults to cry and wail in public…

A perfect way to seal the deal

We’ve heard countless times that marriage vows bind the couple ‘in sickness and in health’. Well, it can be crazy to see these vows in effect, especially at the beginning- this couple is proof of that.

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So the new bride vomited into her groom’s mouth because she was dehydrated and nervous. Although we can’t help but wonder why she couldn’t, at least, move backward a bit, we’re glad it wasn’t on the priest’s garment she puked on.

Wedding dress turned Halloween costume

People often stain their outfits with drinks at ceremonies; it’s not a new thing. But when the stained cloth is the bride’s wedding dress, it’s such a big deal. Honestly, who budgets for a backup wedding dress?

Courtesy: Freepik/Reddit

The bride is so lucky that it was already dark and the color of the stain wasn’t so visible- we wouldn’t be surprised if her 5-year-old niece called her an evil mistress. Maybe she would have worn a white apron to cover up.

Don’t tell us she was expecting a different reaction

To avoid unnecessary costs, some people cut their guest list to the shortest, while others make use of free venues. However, some people go the farthest extreme in the name of saving wedding costs.

Courtesy: Freepik/Reddit

This person didn’t serve her wedding guests food or drinks- the worst part is that there was no music! Because most of the guests won’t talk to her for a while, we could call the ceremony a funeral for friendship ties. Actually, they should have left sooner.

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