These Epic Comebacks Must Have Hurt Really Bad

The rise of social media has truly changed the way people communicate with each other. It has helped friends to stay in touch for longer and family members to be close to their loved ones even if they live far away from each other. Nevertheless, not all of social media’s effects are positive. It has also allowed some to be meaner than they normally would and has encouraged others to make quite inappropriate comments. In those cases, many people decide to ignore the bullies, but not everybody is willing to let insults slide, no matter how small. We have put together a compilation of exchanges where people gave savage comebacks to those who dared to show them some sass. Check out these quick thinkers’ badass replies.

The response she got was not the one she expected

There is nothing wrong with wanting some attention. After all, social media is the place every attention-seeker goes to get their fix. This woman thought she would post a picture with a seductive caption, but unfortunately, her plans backfired.


It turned out her feet were extremely dirty and were inadvertently included in the shot. Obviously, another young man noticed and called her out accordingly. To be honest, she let herself wide open to that comeback by using the word “dirty.”

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