We’re Here to Help You Plan the Ultimate Gilmore Girls Binge Night

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The leaves are changing (slowly, but they are!), the air is getting crisper (we can feel it, we swear!), and fall girlies know that it’s time to rewatch Gilmore Girls. But this isn’t something to take lightly, this is like, a thing. So gather ‘round all your besties, light a pumpkin candle or two and get ready to settle in for the night with Rory, Lorelai, Emily, Sookie, Luke, you get it. (Xanax)  

The Venue 

If you can’t rent out an entire cottage-style bed and breakfast, improvising is fine. Totally kidding. But on a serious note, if you can move your binge-a-thon outdoors, we love the idea of projecting the Gilmore Girls against a sheet while everyone stretches out and gets comfy on the coziest plaid picnic blankets, complete with mountains of pillows and string lights galore. If sitting outside isn’t your idea of a good time, move the party indoors because as long as you’re with your favorite people watching the Gilmore Girls, it doesn’t matter where you do it at. 

Let’s Talk Food and Drink 

You gotta serve burgers, you just have to. It doesn’t get more Luke’s Diner than serving up diner classics like burgers, fries, and cold pie for dessert. If burgers just aren’t you’re thing you can always opt for pizza or Chinese takeout, both of which are adored by our favorite girls. Now, if you have a Sookie and Jackson in your life, then a gourmet meal made from only the freshest ingredients isn’t out of the question either. 

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A cozy night in with friends isn’t complete without a hot beverage and coffee simply must be on the menu. We don’t really understand when people aren’t coffee people, but we do respect it, so aside from a coffee bar, we recommend serving up another hot beverage such as hot chocolate or apple cider. 

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Now, there are a few different directions you could go when it comes to decorating. You can channel your inner Luke by going all vintage mechanic and disconnecting the wifi, if you’ve got a harp player and snarky French man on speed dial, then you can go for big Dragonfly Inn vibes, but our personal favorite is to go for Lorelai’s house vibes because it truly felt like home even through a TV screen; you can achieve this look by framing some Gilmore family photos, monkey lamps, and some sparkly accessories as an ode to the times. 


Oh, come on, you know we’re going to highly, highly recommend everyone comes dressed as their favorite character. 

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