InstaLaughs: Here Are the Funniest Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Gone are those days when Instagram was for beautiful pictures alone. There are now several Instagram accounts that will give funny Redditors a run for their money. So, whether you’re overwhelmed by holiday planning or you just want to slow down a bit, these accounts will help you relax with a good laugh. We’ve compiled five Instagram accounts you’ll be glad you followed.


Relatable jokes hit differently when someone makes a funny remark about something we can all relate to; they get our full attention! Well, that’s why this Instagram account is one of our faves– it’s about relatable scenarios.

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As long as you’ve gotten something from DePop, you can relate to the comedic experiences posted on this account. This account has over 616k followers and highlights the crazy scenarios of second-hand shopping.

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Who doesn’t enjoy memes and funny videos of their favorite celebrity? Well, we know we do. You might have figured out who this account is dedicated to from the account name. So, what kind of content can you expect?

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This Instagram account with 173k followers makes interesting memes out of the most popular Louis Theroux moments. You’d be amazed by how good people can be at digging into the famous broadcaster’s archives.


Generally, fashion content gets high traffic on the gram. But this artist offers fashion with a fun twist. Considering the fact that he was a former head creative at Burberry, Freddie Made’s fashion sense shines in his comedy.

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Over 131k people follow Freddie on Instagram! Although he’s no comedian, his sartorial satires will make you laugh away your worries. Imagine Meryl Streep in streetwear and Queen Elizabeth in glittering Gucci. What’s not to laugh about? 


If you’re a Sex And The City fan, this name definitely rings a bell. Well, this account isn’t for the real Dan Clay but for her alter ego(who is also a drag queen), a.k.a. Carrie Dragshaw. So, what’s so interesting about the account that made it gather over 123k followers ?

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This funny Instagram account features long captions told in Carrie’s (somehow altered) voice. The aspect where she matches outfits with the real Dan Clay also draws people to her account.


This account showcases the underlying issues and microaggressions that come with living a modern life. On this account, Sabrina Brier makes fun of the sly digs we experience in our daily lives.

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While some of her P.O.V. skits are real to the point of being annoying, all of them are funny. Her comedy skits have made her so popular, earning her a New York Times profile piece. She’s nothing short of a social media comedian!

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