From Snakeskin to Chipotle Receipts, These are the Weirdest Items That People Hoard

Everyone has items they feel attached to, sometimes because of the sentimental value or the worth of the object itself, but for a hoarder, it is different. It is the need to preserve an item they find visually appealing, to keep something that is part of a collection, or it may be antiques. The problem stems from the urge to keep accumulating, and there is major anxiety or extreme distress associated with parting with these items, even when they are damaged or hold little value. Compulsive Hoarding is a clinically recognized mental condition associated with a strong impulse to collect items and fear, anxiety, or distress when these items are taken away. Hoarders’ homes and workspaces can be overrun with items or their friends’ and families’ spaces become dominated by things never used. Hoarding isn’t age-specific; children hoard toys, sticks, dolls, etc., but it is more prevalent among adults, especially those 60 and above. Hoarding doesn’t always result in the terrible mess featured on episodes of the tv show “Hoarders.” Sometimes, it is a small hoard of a neatly organized collection that may grow over time but if not managed, can evolve into a disaster. Hoarders are known to collect the craziest things, even broken sticks! This piece explores the oddest, weirdest, and most shocking things that have ever been hoarded. You may find some funny and others downright disturbing, so prepare yourself.

Who needs this many dice?

No one really understands the mind of a hoarder and why they choose certain items to collect. An average person may own two dice or four in case the other pair goes missing, but collecting this many in varying shades and sizes can only be due to an uncontrollable urge.

Photo courtesy of Reddit

Maybe this hoarder wants to own every type of die ever made or in all the colors and shapes ever created. Some fantasy games have specific dice used to play them. Maybe this hoarder owns a couple of them, so who knows? It is hard to notice how much clutter they make when acquiring and storing more dice. Only those who live around them notice the gradually depleting space in their home. 

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