Where There’s a Will, There’s a Grace: 5 Life Lessons We Learned from the Fab Four

It’s been years since we popped some popcorn and settled in for the newest episode of Will and Grace. (Complete with commercials and a live studio audience because this was the early-ish 2000s!) But we still haven’t accepted the fact that this show is done because it was so prevalent in our lives, so today we’re talking about just a few of the many life lessons we learned from Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen because, after all these years, we’ve never forgotten. Let’s get started! 

Oh, but first, we should probably clue some of you in (sorry, we forget that some of you probably grew up in a world with no Will and Grace, or you’re only familiar with the revamp which wasn’t bad, but not their best work!) So, Will and Grace is a sitcom set in New York City that focuses on the friendship between a gay attorney, Will, and a straight interior designer, Grace. The best way we can describe it is that the show always felt like hanging out with your best friends and we weren’t ready for it to be over. Okay, now we can get started. 

It’s okay to leave the function early, as long as you have a good reason. 

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We’ve probably all found ourselves stuck at a function longer than we want to be, and try as we might, we just can’t find the golden opportunity to excuse ourselves. But when you know just the right thing to say, then you can actually stand up and just leave whenever you like. And really, would anyone argue with you at this point? We doubt it. 

It’s always important to express your needs. 

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We’re all about transparency and being honest with those around you, especially your closest friends. So whether you’re sitting them down for a vent session or to seek out advice, it’s important you tell them upfront the kind of support you’re needing. 

Sometimes tough love is okay. 

What else is there to say? Sometimes the people in our lives need the brutal truth. (tacosymas.com)  

It’s important to self-reflect. 

Sometimes to pinpoint certain issues we have to look deep within ourselves, and there we might find the root of the problem. 

Love yourself and put YOU first. 

If you’re anything like us, you probably have to work really hard at this one, and that’s okay. We know with a little practice you’ll get it down.

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