We Can’t Stop Looking At These Celebrities’ Cute Prom Photos

When we watch celebrities on TV, we believe they’ve lived all their lives decked out in stunning designer suits and dresses. While it may be true for some, we can only see those outfits on special occasions, such as classy red carpet events. In fact, long before famous people became sophisticated adults, they were ordinary teens with almost no sense of fashion. We’ve all felt curious about what our favorite celebs looked like during their high school years. So, we’ve decided to compile some embarrassing prom night photos of famous stars to share with you. Some of these images may be cute enough to take your breath away, but others are so hilarious that you won’t be able to stop laughing. Let’s take a look at them!

Robin Wright

We’re used to seeing Robin Wright with her blond, short hair as Claire Underwood in Netflix’s major success, House of Cards. Still, none of us knew that she looked like a member of the royalty during her prom. Isn’t her tiny tiara super cute?

Image courtesy of refinery29.com

The long, sleek hair she had in this picture makes her hard to recognize. Still, it suits her quite well. She looks as beautiful as ever, right? We wonder if anyone who saw her on the day of her prom guessed that she was destined for Hollywood greatness.

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