Want to try Mac and Cheese Ice Cream or Matcha Chocolate? Your Probably Never Knew these Unusual Snack Flavors From Your Favorite Brands Existed

Lay’s Fried Crab Chips 

Lay’s is a famous potato chip brand owned by PepsiCo. They were introduced into the market over 80 years ago and have people entranced by their crispy chips and catchy slogan; “betcha can’t eat just one,” which of course, is usually the case as consumers report that one bag of Lay’s is never enough, especially on movie nights!

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As with any brand, Lay’s has developed different unique flavors beyond the originals created ages ago. Some love the new development while others refuse to go near them. The “fried crab flavor” is one of such innovations. For seafood lovers, it is exceptional, but some prefer their seafood left at the table, and their chips are made with simple flavors. Are you seafood obsessed? Would you try the fried crab chips or avoid them at all costs?

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