Want to try Mac and Cheese Ice Cream or Matcha Chocolate? Your Probably Never Knew these Unusual Snack Flavors From Your Favorite Brands Existed

Great marketing, new flavors, and the innovations of a business with decades of experience have kept many of our favorite snack brands going over the years. Sometimes they take their explorations too far. In an attempt to please consumers across the world, these brands have created unusual flavors and many unconventional combinations that may leave your taste buds confused but wanting more. These combinations have never been seen yet are so desirable. Recently, we’ve witnessed pizza-flavored ice cream, spicy seaweed crisps, and crab-flavored chips. Even your favorite soda brands and chocolate factories joined this craze that has affected the entire snack industry. They have all cast out their nets and sought to explore a wide range of tastes and flavors, many of which are surprisingly good, while others are just repulsive! This article spares you the constant trial and error of these unusual flavors. We’ve covered the good, the bad, and the downright nasty! This piece contains 40 of the oddest, weirdest, and never before seen flavors and combinations of your favorite snacks. Are you tempted to try any of them?

Limited Edition Cheeseburger Oreos

Oreo is a sandwich cookie brand introduced by Nabisco in 1912. Adults and children love this sandwich cookie because of its crunchy wafers and sweet creme filling. Over the years, we’ve seen the birth of Cookie Dough Oreo, Gingerbread, and Mint Oreo, among many other flavors. 

Photo courtesy of instagram.com

The world couldn’t be more pleased with the wide selection of flavors suddenly made available. However, some cookie fans began to raise questions when several very unusual flavors launched, just like the one in the picture above. A cheeseburger cookie is not something that is commonly seen and sounds absolutely disgusting. However, to our relief, this is a photoshopped image from the Wreckless Eating Youtube channel. If this were a real cookie flavor, would you try it?

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