Today’s Muse: dELiA*s

If you’re like us, TikTok pretty much runs your life, and if you’ve spent any amount of time on that app then you already know that ‘90s and Y2K fashions are back in a big way. Not only does this make us feel ancient, but it got us thinking about one retailer in particular: dELiA*s. We can practically hear you rolling your eyes, but come on, dELiA*s in the ‘90s? ‘00s? That was peak fashion. In fact, the hold this retailer had on us was so strong that in the early ‘90s dELiA*s was solely a mail-order retailer that eventually turned brick and mortar. Now if you were one of the lucky ones, you could eventually go to a dELiA*s store and frankly, we’re still jealous, but if you were a mere peasant like us, you fully relied on that catalog. So today we’re looking at some of our favorite spreads and reliving the magic. Red pens ready? Totally kidding, you can’t do that to a screen. Let’s get started!

(image via: tumblr)

Okay, so, show us what isn’t fashionable on this spread. We’ll wait. The striped sweaters? The sneakers? The plaid trouser? Even the classic choker is on point.

(image via: tumblr)

No, we’re actually screaming! First of all, we need to talk about this tagline: ‘more mysterious than stripes in a barcode?’ What does that even mean?! Let’s just go down the line. We aren’t entirely sure what that skirt is made of, but when we say the whole fit is simply working, we mean it. As for the striped pant ensemble, it’s really the shoes we’re living for and would totally rock a pair today. And lastly, the mysteriously striped keyhole top and front-pocket jeans ensemble, to be honest, we don’t have many words for this one, so we’ll leave it at: interesting.

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(image via: tumblr)

Why were pajamas, specifically matching pajama sets, such a big deal in the ‘90s? Nowadays we can’t be the only ones that just grab a pair of leggings or sweats and an oversized t-shirt and call it a day, right? Time really does change people we guess. Now, it really is the pajamas that got our attention, but it’s the metallic lipstick and nail polish that really sealed the deal to talk about this spread. You really weren’t anybody unless you rocked something metallic.

(image via: tumblr)

Here’s a spread for those that preferred their outfits a little more on the edgy side. If we’re being honest, from the maxi skirt paired with a striped tee to the little plaid dress number, we are once again looking at several pieces we would still totally wear.

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