Tired Of Dogs And Cats? These 5 Lesser-Known Adorable Animals Will Give You A Daily Dose Of Serotonin

Are you bored of your social media feed? Do you see the same old repetitive pictures of cats, dogs, and pandas? With all due respect to all cat or dog lovers, it’s time to obsess over a new set of adorable paws. However, not many people know about their existence. In this article, we’ll discover some of the most adorable fur balls gifted by mother nature which you probably never heard of before. While some of them are peaceful and calm creatures who like to spend their days joyfully, others might deceive you with their innocent looks, “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”, as they call it. Proceed with caution, for you might want to have a new animal in your cute plushie collection!

Fennec Fox, North Africa

If you think elephants were the only ones who knew how to flaunt their ears, you probably never saw a Fennec fox before. These sneaky foxes might have a small frame, but their ears make up for it.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Although these little guys hold the title of the world’s smallest canine species, they also have the largest ears relative to their body size. Not only does a pair of ears this big makes them a better predator, but it also keeps their body cool.

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Red Panda, South and central Asia

Thanks to their fluffy coat, goofy actions, and huge white and black colored faces, pandas have become some people’s favorite animals. But have you ever seen their lesser-known, equally adorable relatives, the Red Panda? (www.richmondartmuseum.org)

Image Credits: Freepik

These creatures are actually part of the raccoon family. When they feel threatened or cornered, red pandas will ‘stand’ up on their twos and raise their front paws to appear “huge.” There are less than 10,000 red pandas left in the world. We must protect these cute animals!

Quokka, Western Australia

Have you ever seen a happier animal? This adorable creature has gone viral for being the “happiest animal in the world.” Its endearing smile is worth seeing in person. You can find the quokka in the wild in Australia.

Image Credits: The Guardian

The quokka is part of the marsupial family and about the size of a small cat. They weigh from 5.5 ounces to 11 pounds, so they are small enough to put in your pocket. However, don’t touch them! They are an endangered species mostly living on Rottnest Island.

Slow Loris, Southeast Asia

Behind an extremely innocent face and huge eyes, slow lorises have a dark side that you should know about. Known as the only primates who are able to secret venom, a slow loris should be generally avoided if you don’t want to get bitten!

Image Credits: National Geographic

Although these large eyes and weepy faces might make you want to pet them, expect a venomous bite in exchange. Although their venom is not considered very potent, the pain it causes is severe.

Elephant Shrew, Africa

Its name is deceiving, but this “elephant” is about the size of a mouse! Native to the African continent, one look at the elephant shrew, and you’ll understand how it got its name!

Image Credits: PxFuel

These tiny little mice get their name from their long nose, which looks very similar to a trunk of an elephant. Since they are quite agile and difficult to catch, we wouldn’t be surprised if you have never seen one of these before!

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