Tips for Snapping Perfectly Instagrammable Photos

Gone are the days of uploading digital camera photos to your computer and using the Picnik app to over-edit them (come on, none of us were good at it) and share an entire album of high-contrast, or black and white with a single pop of color if you were real artsy, photos with your friends and family. Today, smartphone cameras are so good it’s hard to tell if someone is using their phone or an expensive camera to take and post photos. Whether you look at these high-quality photos in awe and for whatever reason, you’re having trouble recreating them, or your business needs to step up its social media game, or hey, maybe you’re the next big Insta influencer, we’ve put together some tips that help you snap some pretty cool Insta shots. 

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Use Natural Light

Just this one tip alone is going to change your photos entirely, we promise. We know that sometimes natural lighting might not feel right, but whatever you do, don’t use the flash instead. Any bit of natural light will add richness to your photo while using flash will flatten your photos; get creative with the lighting by using whatever you’ve got be it candlelight or streetlight, but if natural light just isn’t an option, remember to always say no to flash. 

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Create Interest by Adding Layers

Don’t get us wrong, we love minimalist photos, but by adding some background and foreground and playing with textiles, your photo becomes one hundred times more interesting to look at. 

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Check Your Camera Mode

You can snap some pretty great shots in just about any mode, but we highly recommend portrait or professional (the name varies depending on what kind of phone you have!) this mode essentially does all the work for you by creating a depth of field effect, this way you capture photos with a sharp focus on the subject, and everything else is blurry. 

Abide by the Rule of Thirds 

Don’t get us wrong, we love a centered photo, but if you’re looking for a change in composition the rule of thirds is always a great one to follow! The rule of thirds involves dividing an image into a 3×3 grid, then making sure your subject is falling where the lines intersect. By using this real, you’re creating what is known as “balanced symmetry”. Your phone’s camera may even offer the grid, so it takes any guesswork out of the grid!

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