They Posted Fake News And Were Exposed

New information circulates on the Internet every day. Pros: we have all the knowledge in our hands. Cons: much of the content is false. We should learn how to filter the information we consume to avoid falling into a trap. Have you ever been lied to in your face when you already knew the truth? It’s a nice feeling since you have the opportunity to call those liars out and make them learn their lesson. This happened to these people who posted fake news on their profiles. After they uploaded false information, another user exposed them by showing the truth. We have compiled a series of screenshots, so you don’t miss these beautiful moments that the Internet gave us.

This website wrongly presumed a film director dead

Rotten Tomatoes does excellent reviews on movies we all want to see. But it seems they aren’t so accurate when it comes to the lives of stars. Look at this:

The post hinted that film director John Carpenter was no longer with us, but it was wrong. Fortunately, the renowned artist took it with humor: he responded by exposing the truth and making a funny joke about his appearance. As far as we know, only the living have a sense of humor.

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