These Talented Bodypainting Artists Illustrate Incredible Works Of Art

Nowadays, modern body art includes piercings, tattoos, body alterations, etc. However, the most eye-catching pieces might come from artists who paint the body, giving naked skin a unique touch. When it comes to creating illusions, body painting artists are technically adept and full of fantasy. They can create a connection between art and body, which is unique. Those who make this type of body art are masters at twisting the human form to create striking optical illusions. Here is a list of the most fairytale-like and perplexing body art you will ever see. So, read on to learn more about these cutting-edge artists who use the human body as a perfect canvas. We can promise you that these amazing photos will make you question reality.

This woman’s face seems to have been painted by Picasso

This is a great illustration of what can be accomplished with bodypaint and talent. The artist scrambled the woman’s face shape by painting blocks, and it almost looks like a strange puzzle. Another thing you might like about this picture is the way the blocks seem to be floating in midair.

Courtesy of Reddit

Getting the blocks to burst out as they do on this woman’s face and neck requires a lot of talent. While the shape of the woman’s face is evident in black, this effect adds to the overall image and demonstrates the artist’s skills. It truly resembles a work of art that could have been painted by famous artist Pablo Picasso.

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