These Strange Desserts Are Made With Wasabi, Meat, and Even Served in a Toilet

If you are anything like us, you too probably have a sweet tooth and are fond of treating yourself with a bit of sugar now and then. Your favorite typical candies, cakes, sweets, and chocolates will seem too conventional compared to our list of the strangest desserts. Be it the ingredients that went into making these dishes or the plating, or just the combination of items that usually don’t go together, these desserts have the universal standard to be called ‘strange’ if not weird. We’re not sure if you’d like to try some of these because they are either too scary or not fit to be called a ‘dessert.’ However, we bet if you got a chance, you’d definitely want to order them at least once to see for yourself if these are actually a thing and not just viral hear-say. So, brace yourself, food connoisseurs, as you are about to read about some of the weirdest desserts that are famous all around the world.

Bird’s Nest Soup: Better than the traditional chicken soup?

We all have that fond memory from childhood of having delicious and nourishing chicken soup our mother made whenever we were sick. However, a recent trend has taken this bond between birds and soup one step further, as the bird’s nest soup is becoming a famous dish worldwide.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/@wakeeatsurfing

Just like its name suggests, bird’s nest soup is actually made using the nest of birds. As gross as it may seem, many critics have taken quite a liking to this dish. And now, because of its unique idea, it is the highlight of many restaurants that offer their version of this unique recipe. What does it taste like? It is made of edible bird nests called “the caviar of the East.” It is made from a swiftlet’s nest, mainly found in Southeast Asia.

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