These Redditors Shared Jaw Dropping High School Rumors That are Almost Impossible to Believe

The Assassin Disguised as a History Teacher

Who better to teach American history than a Navy Seal? A person trained to defend his nation under any circumstance without asking questions. It must be fascinating having someone like this teach you about your history. They have seen it all, been at the frontline, and have defended it with their lives.

Photo courtesy of Reddit

It may all be a weird coincidence that he seems to vanish the moment known dictators and terrorists die. He could have been sent on special assignments that have nothing to do with these deaths. These kids have all probably watched too many action movies and assumed things that are not even possible. This isn’t Scooby-doo; if he were indeed a government spy or assassin, they wouldn’t make it so obvious that a bunch of kids would figure it out.

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