These Redditors Shared Jaw Dropping High School Rumors That are Almost Impossible to Believe

The High School Shooter

The concept of high school shootings is not only terrifying but a great enigma. Why would anyone come armed to a place filled with kids? It is no secret that high schoolers can be so annoying, ruthless, and rude, but a lot of times, it is just a phase they tend to outgrow. Also, not all high schoolers act like that. So, why shoot at a school?

Photo courtesy of Reddit

I must commend the commenter for his bravery. If I heard something like this, I would not attend school for the rest of the year. I’d rather read at home and remain alive than go to school and end up in danger like so many schools experience across the US. The world is more aware of the possibility of high school shootings, and measures are now being implemented to prevent them.

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