These Redditors Shared Jaw Dropping High School Rumors That are Almost Impossible to Believe

High school is a place filled with different personalities, drama, savagery, bullies, and teachers with bold characters. Every high school had its highlights and ear-piercing rumors, and I’m sure you must have heard a thing or two in your time. The constant word of mouth only increased the whispers in the hall; some were true, and some were not, but the damage was everlasting for most rumors. High school rumors were sometimes even better than the stories in the local paper. They tended to be very detailed, over embellished, and sometimes conspired from thin air, but they were entertaining nonetheless. If you have listened to any high school rumor without opening your mouth in shock, you must have bravery because the juicy details are captivating like none other. This piece is a compilation of the hottest, weirdest, and juiciest high school rumors shared on Reddit‘s ask Reddit thread “What was “the big rumor“ in your high school, did turn out to be true?.” Mind you, they are not for the faint of heart. So, if you love good gossip, grab some popcorn, sit back and prepare to be entertained!

Teenage Pregnanices

Teenage pregnancies are nothing new, but they seem more common now because of media awareness. It is so funny how it was believed that a pregnancy could be contagious to cause an “outbreak.” It implies that the parents of these teens have done a horrible job educating them about their sexual health.

Photo courtesy of Reddit

Thankfully, these young girls are given a chance to continue their education instead of dropping out, which would make a difference in influencing and educating the next generation of young girls. This Redditor’s school thought separating pregnant students would minimize the “spread” of other girls getting pregnant.

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