These People Went Hard With Their Airport Pick-Up Signs

We all know that traveling is stressful, and getting on an airplane can seem even more daunting for some people. However, knowing there will be someone waiting for you on the other side is sometimes enough to keep you going. Reuniting with loved ones makes all those uncomfortable hours on the plane worth it because you know that once you touch the ground, it will not be long until you are back in their arms. The moment you meet again is always special, but some families decided to give it something extra by taking wild signs to the airport. We have put together a compilation of some of the most original and funny ones we saw while browsing the Internet. So get ready to have a good laugh!

An adorable little girl was anxious to see her father again

Children sometimes suffer quite a bit when a parent is away. They may not be old enough to understand they should be patient. All they want is mommy or daddy to get back, and when the reunion finally happens, their reactions are usually adorable.

Photo: Pinterest

This child looked very excited to see her father again. She even brought a very colorful sign so he would quickly pick them out amongst the crowd and run to his family as fast as possible.

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