These People Got Caught Making Wrong Decisions

Have you ever witnessed a situation in which someone was misbehaving in public, and it made you feel angry or upset? If so, keep reading! From people who don’t respect the rules to people who do what they want regardless of whether it hurts or bothers others: we might find ourselves with a bitter taste in our mouth throughout the day because of these encounters. And, we usually wonder if we should raise our voices to say something and meddle in a fight or pretend we didn’t see anything to avoid further conflict. The people in this article earned a bad reputation after making decisions that didn’t correspond with the place or time. We get it, we all have bad days, but these people were just inconsiderate.

Scooter rentals banned forever

Some time ago, a few companies started to rent electric scooters to the public, just like bicycles, to reduce the emission of carbon which is harmful to the environment. You could rent the scooters for a certain amount of time and return them to a designated spot. But one day, some scooters were found in a different location.

Image courtesy of iGrantastic/Reddit

Some inconsiderate people —we would even say mean because you have to be mean to do this— couldn’t be bothered to return the scooters and preferred to throw them in a lake. They didn’t care about the consequences of their actions, and scooter rentals were banned.

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