These Images Show That Cartoon Logic Is Beyond Anyone’s Understanding

Cartoons are a big part of a child’s daily life. Kids spend a lot of time watching animated TV shows and movies as a source of entertainment, which helps them unplug from their tiny responsibilities. Children get so immersed in the world of magic animators create that they often overlook its wacky logic. Of course, we never expect cartoons to be realistic. However, the number of situations that defy all laws of logic and common sense you can find in them is astonishing. There’s no doubt that cartoons and reason don’t go hand in hand, so we’ve decided to make a compilation of animated moments that make no sense at all. Like when you were a kid, sit back and enjoy a good laugh with some hilarious cartoon scenes!

Donald Duck is ashamed for not using pants after taking a shower

Was Donald Duck your favorite animated character when you were a kid? We all remember him as a grumpy duck who always wears a blue sailor shirt and no pants. Being pantless doesn’t bother him, except on certain occasions.

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Something about being seen after taking a shower makes Donald feel ashamed. He can’t help but put a towel around his waist. There’s no denying that the scene is funny, but we’d love to understand the logic behind this behavior.

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