These Hilarious Witty Comments Rightfully Deserve An Award

Nowadays, there is a lot of strange information on the Internet. A few posts on a social media platform seem to have a funny photo with an even funnier caption. But, more often than not, the most amusing comments are found in an area that is frequently underestimated and deserves more attention: the comment section. Sure, most comment sections have a decent amount of toxicity. Still, there are also a great number of brilliant remarks that made our days after we read them. Here are some of the funniest comments we have come across while surfing the Web. Even though we will not be able to award them all, we can still laugh at them together. Are you ready?

Ironically, the word ‘hot’ in this hotel was caught on fire

The most effective remarks are those that function on numerous levels. To begin with, it is unfortunate that there was a fire. But the fact that only one particular word was caught on fire is quite ironic.

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Then, the comment takes things to another level. Yes, the iron may have been left on, but the “irony” of the accident is just hilarious. Or was it an el-ectrical fire? Well, jokes aside, we hope everybody is safe and sound.

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