These Hilarious Pictures Show The Hidden Gems Of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a modern-day Library of Alexandria. If you want to know any small detail about any topic, there is already a Wikipedia article. The amount of data that this site holds is pretty much immeasurable. There are Wikipedia articles about almost any possible place, person, or topic you can think of, so it is no surprise that there are some hidden gems as well. Did you know that there is a mathematical figure called the unknot? Or that there is a goat tower in Illinois, US? Probably, not. So, you should probably start following @depthsofwikipedia. This hilarious account shares the most bizarre snippets from this online encyclopedia. Here are some of our favorites.

There is a figure called the “unknot”

The world of mathematics is so full of surprises that it can be quite confusing for normal people to understand. Not even the greatest minds in the world can figure out all the complex problems of the universe. So, in order to better understand these different phenomena, they will try to name them.

Courtesy: depthsofwiki

This strange mathematical figure is called the “unknot.” You might be wondering what this mysterious and complex structure that mathematicians have named with such an ominous name is. Well, even though it sounds like an exciting phenomenon, the unknot is nothing more than an untied knot, that is, a circle.

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