Take a Look at Some of the Weird Fears People Have

We’ve been told our whole lives that we’re special in our own way. We all have unique attributes that set us apart from others. These include having weird fears, though they aren’t necessarily surprising to everyone. This is because everyone’s natural assumption is that people are different. With that in mind, it’s hashtags time, which begins with the much-loved and popular TV host, Jimmy Fallon, who has always made us giggle and laugh at people’s idiosyncrasies. He asked his followers on Twitter to share their silly and odd fears, and there were a few — heck, hundreds of responses — that came up with the hashtag #MyWeirdFear. As expected, some are a bit more unusual than others. It turns out that mirrors, belly buttons, and being chained by the shackles of marriage can send several folks into a panic frenzy. While the following reveal people’s weaknesses, they also show how vulnerable we all are. Check out the weird fears below that’ll get everyone talking — and seeing life in a different way.

Dracula in the dark

Children’s fears of monsters can come in different shapes and forms. Sometimes they fear Frankenstein, Dracula, or Godzilla. Even a hundred years after Bram Stoker created Dracula, the character and concept has remained a constant source of fear in our imaginations.


Here is a friend of ours, @leafmealone77, who, despite being a grown-up, is still haunted by that creepy childhood fear — it seems his memories still play some pranks on him. He believed that Dracula was waiting in the dark for him when he went out to throw the trash. Surprisingly, he stood up to his demons. It turns out that @leafmealone77 claimed victory.

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