Spring ’22 Fashion Trends We Can’t Wait For

Where we’re at right now the temps are in the single digits and there is a light, fluffy layer of snow covering the ground; thankfully the sun is out providing us with the tiniest bit of comfort during these frigid days. One thing we know for sure, spring is just around the corner. Kind of. Or at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves to get us through the next couple of months. While we’re bundled up in layers of flannel and cable knit currently, we’re just itching to get our hands on spring threads and get back outside under the warm sunshine in light spring colors and delicate patterns. Until then, we can at least plan our spring wardrobe according to what we know will be uber-trendy in the coming season. Here’s a look at the spring trends we are SO ready for! 

Be Bold, Be Bright

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Be ready to see a ton of solid bright colors this spring in just about every garment you can imagine; dresses, trousers, jumpsuits, sweaters, you name it. We adore this trend because after the last couple of years we’ve had amid an entire global pandemic, we’re looking to bright colors to make our worlds a little less dim. Even if bright colors aren’t your thing (yet) but you’re open to trying them, start small like with a bright handbag or vintage scarf accessory, or go all the way and buy the hot pink jumpsuit, then tone it down with minimalist jewelry and neutral jacket. 

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Groovy, Baby

Psychadelic prints will be paying homage to generations past yet again this year, and we aren’t mad about it. We anticipate a lot of these prints in the form of dresses in all lengths from maxi to micro-mini, and texture will also play a big part in this trend, largely in the form of crochet. 

Chicer than Chic

(image via: vogue)

Imagine all of those timeless, chic pieces we know and love, trench coats, cardigans, tailored trousers; now imagine those with a fun, yet subtle detail such as an accent sleeve, mismatched buttons, or a satin finish. If you love the idea of these pieces, then you’ll love these trends for 2022. Oh, and the color scheme? The classic neutrals we fell in love with. 

Black + White

Does black and white ever really go out of style? We think every so often an element of fun gets added, much like this year. We will be seeing a ton of black and white, which we love, but certain elements of interest will be added such as big polka dots, bold stripes, accent colors like we’ve never seen them (think corsets and hats), cutouts, and so much more. 


(image via: lady fashioniser)

Gone are the days of uncomfortable stilettos and here to stay? (For one more season at least!) The platform! We are behind this trend one hundred percent because believe it or not, platforms are super versatile and super comfortable. We’ll see them in various colors and styles this year, much like the last, and worn in a number of ways dressed up, dressed down, and everything in-between.

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