Socially Distanced Date Ideas

As we are all aware, Covid has affected the way we do just about everything these days; from weddings to holidays, and even how we date, everything is just done a little differently now. Sure, the idea of a Covid friendly date night may not sound like the most fun (hey, we miss being around people and going to concerts too!) but with a little creativity, we just know socially distanced dates can be just as fun. Here is our list of ideas for covid-friendly dates. 

Coffee Date at Home

Here’s where the creativity comes in, don’t just brew coffee, make it an experience. Brew your favorite coffee from your local coffee shop and put on some light jazz or acoustic music, light some candles, maybe even snag a bouquet of fresh flowers to set out and sit down and really enjoy your coffee together either snuggled up on the couch or outside on your balcony or front porch. 

Create Your Own Paint and Sip Night

This is a super fun one, find a piece of artwork you would actually like to recreate, get the materials, and put together a charcuterie board complete with your favorite bread or crackers, meats, cheese, and chocolates to enjoy while you paint. And of course, you can’t forget the wine. Put some music on in the background and get artsy! A paint and sip night can be even more fun at home because you get to choose what you paint, what you eat, and you can actually enjoy each other’s company. 

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At Home Yoga Session

If your idea of a fun date involves some fitness, set up an area to do yoga right in your living room or in your own backyard. 


A lot of places are looking for volunteers right now, and you can bet that these non-profits are taking all the right Covid precautions to keep you safe. Volunteering together is a great way to get out of the house and do some good while you’re at it. Find a cause that you can both get behind and find out how you can help! 

Backyard Movie Date

If like a lot of us you’re missing the thrill of going to the movies, bring the movie seeing experience to your place. Set up a projector in the backyard and watch a new release or old favorite. Don’t forget the popcorn and snacks! 

Cook Together

Find a fun new recipe to try, turn the tunes up, and get creative in the kitchen. Start small if you don’t consider yourself an expert chef just yet, with enough date nights, you’ll be sure to perfect this whole cooking thing. 

Host a Socially Distanced Wine Tasting Event

Get a few of your favorite people together and have everyone bring a bottle of their favorite wine for all guests to taste. You can even get creative with snacks by making individual snack boxes or bags for guests to enjoy. 

Brunch in the Park

Put together your ideal brunch, pack it up, and head to a romantic spot at your local park to enjoy! 

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