This Is What Entitled Rich People Are Posting On Their Social Media

Have you ever had to choose between four high-end cars before going out for a ride? Or have you ever run into a classmate at school wearing the same Rolex watch as you? If you are not a rich kid, your answer is probably “no, not me.” This is simply because those are not problems ordinary people usually have. It would be great for us, regular people, if something like living in a house with a huge pool or giving ourselves a pair of Louis Vuitton as a gift would be part of our lives. While it is not our reality, it is still fun to watch! We wouldn’t be surprised if you want to be adopted by one of these millionaire parents after reading this article. Ready to see the “problems” rich children are facing?

They actually used iPads instead of plates

When ordinary people run out of clean plates, they look for practical and cheap solutions. For example, if you are eating a pizza, you would use napkins. Or maybe just your hands and wash them after you finish. But we would never think of using an electronic device.

Image courtesy of Rich Kids of SnapChat/Facebook

We honestly don’t fully understand under what circumstances the idea of ​​using iPads was better than some napkins, but we would rather not judge. In our mind, this does not make any sense. We mean, it’s like eating on top of a TV!

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