Pick a Side! Redditors Share Controversial Cooking Hacks That are no Less than a Chef’s Russian Roulette

Cooking is a delicate subject. Like different cuisines, there are all types of chefs, be it the furious, blood-thirsty ones like Gordon Ramsay, who intimidates anyone with his quick fuse and self-esteem-wrecking but hilarious Brit insults. Or just an introverted teen who cooks on Sundays in their leisure time and enjoys the cooking process with some music. The more chefs you know, the more cooking styles you’ll learn, and each has cooking ‘secrets.’ While some of these might seem too weird to try, and you would never even consider testing, they might end up being so good that they take your recipe a hundred notches higher. Redditors shared their most controversial cooking opinion, and the comments are fascinating. Most of these recipes have been a controversial issue on the Internet, with people in favor and against them. What can we say? Chefs are weird people, man! So ditch your grandma’s cookbook for once and get ready; these cooking hacks might be your new favorite trick or quite the contrary. We titled it ‘Russian Roulette for Chefs’ for a reason, duh!

Team Butter vs Team Mayo! Pick your side

While it may sound strange how butter can be replaced by anything else on grilled cheese, mayo is even weirder. We won’t lie, we are very skeptical about trying this one out on our next grilled cheese out of the fear of ruining it.

Image Courtesy: Reddit/@ J0LTED

But considering the support this comment has received and some people claiming mayonnaise is an even better alternative to grilled cheese than butter, we think there might be a hint of truth. Some people say it prevents burning the bread. What do you think? Is it a ‘fact or cap’? Pick your side!

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