These Awkward Texting Mistakes Will Make People Think Twice Before Sending A Message

Thanks to technology, conversations have changed forever. Smartphones allow us to be in constant connection with the ones we love the most, and they’ve made conversations more engaging with the help of pictures and screenshots. We all prefer texting over calling, but the truth is that texts aren’t always crystal clear. More often than not, lack of context, typos, and the autocorrect feature can turn our messages into confusing text strings. However, this can be a bit funny sometimes. A trend started by the late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon had Twitter users sharing some amusing and strange anecdotes about their most awkward texting mistakes through the hashtag #MyAwkwardTexts. It had some pretty crazy and hilarious stories, so we made a compilation of the best ones we could find. Let’s learn from their mistakes.

This guy failed at dedicating a song to her

Is there anything more romantic than knowing that someone you have a crush on is reminded of you every time they listen to a song? When someone dedicates a song to you, it proves that you’re an important part of their life and that they’re often thinking about you. Whether that’s a good thing or not depends on the kind of song they’re reminded of.

Image courtesy of @ginasopinion247/Twitter

In the case of @ginasopinion247, we’re not sure if this guy was trying to compliment her or not. Comparing someone’s teeth to Wiz Khalifa’s song “Black and Yellow” doesn’t seem so romantic, so he should find a better way to express his feelings. We’d love to know how Gina replied to this awkward message.

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