Our All-Time Favorite Candle Brands

Before you judge us for an in-depth look at candles in May, just know that it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, one thing about us: we’re burning a candle. Whether we’re expecting company over and just want to make the house smell great and feel warm and welcoming or we’ve just cleaned and cracked the windows to let in a little breeze, we’re going to have a seasonal scent burning. Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get into some of our favorite candle brands and why we love ‘em so much! 

Frostbeard Studios

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Okay, bibliophiles, this one’s for you because these candles are all book-themed. And not only are they book-themed, but scents are released seasonally. New ones, at least, you can pretty much always nab the classics. Spring scents include Gatsby’s Mansion, Halfling Hills, Monster Hunter, and Pemberley Gardens; coastal, woodsy, and floral, the spring line-up really captures the season and these scents are available until May 31st when the summer candles will be debuted. There is also a collection known as ‘Permanent’ (the ‘you can pretty much always nab these’ candles) and these are scents such as Bookstore, Old Books, Rainy Day Reads, Sherlock’s Study, and so on. What’s more, Frostbeard often has a ‘new and limited’ line of candles, as well as a rewards program, and candle of the month club you can join! Check out all of the candles here

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Malicious Women Candle Co. 

If you’re a little sassy, okay a lot sassy, then you’ll appreciate the heck out of Malicious Women Candle Co. Not only do these candles smell incredible, but they have snarky little messages on them and we love to have these sitting around to show what we’re about or give as gifts to fellow snarky friends. You can browse collections such as the Pandemic Collection featuring scents such as Anxiety Girl Infused with Impending Doom and What the **** is Happening?! Infused with Seriously What is Happening? If the Pandemic Collection isn’t your thing, there’s always the Feminist Collection with scents like My Favorite Season is the Fall of the Patriarchy and Not Today, Mansplainer. We think you totally get it. Go forth and nab Malicious Women candles here

Get a Whiff Co. 

Last, but not least, a candle company that can sure make and name a darn fine candle. There are natural-based wax candles that don’t use any harmful chemicals, and a little detail we love about them is they have a wood wick, so they crackle like a fire when they burn. (So cozy!) You can choose from a number of different jars such as zodiac, amber, matte, and tin, and shop from scents such as Sage Against the Machine, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Pear, Houston We Have a Blossom, and It’s Always Honey in Philadelphia. Shop all the jars and scents here!

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