No Need To Disprove That It Is #TimeToMove

October 4th, 2021

Not many years ago, there seemed to be clear boundaries between the Internet and old-fashion television. Some people ─like Jimmy Fallon─ have found that neither of them is more entertaining when features of both are combined. On The Tonight Show, Jimmy presented a segment called Hashtags, in which he summons the Internet community to participate in his TV show via Twitter. On this #TimeToMove challenge, people show the absurd disrupts that finally kicked them out of their houses. Not only is it exciting to have your tweet read on TV, but also you get to laugh a little at some relatable and some ridiculous misfortunes. Disclaimer: photos are for illustrative purposes only and are not to be associated with the Twitter user, Tweet, or any person(s) being mentioned in the Tweet.

“Can we panic now?”

Isn’t it disgusting to see a ton of dirt getting piled up and dripping from the roof? Well, what if I told you that is neither dust nor mud, but instead a whole lot of itsy bitsy spiders falling down the walls? Wouldn’t you wish it was just filth? I’m sure I would

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@That1KidYouKno

That looks straight out from a horror movie, and we are ready to panic! The spiders have definitely unpacked their bags, so, unless you were up to having new roommates, I believe it is time for you to grab your luggage and move out.

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