Must-Have Books for Foodies

Do you love reading and enjoy cooking? Don’t give us that look – people can have more than one hobby! In this case, these two hobbies fit perfectly with one another. If you’re a bookworm and you also love to cook – you’ll want to add these books to your bookshelf, for sure. We’ve collected a few must-have books for people who love to cook. These are the books all real foodies should have on their bookshelf (or in their kitchen). They’re a lot more than just cooking books – they have an added value only true foodies would be able to appreciate. Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. The Edible Atlas: Around the World in Thirty-Nine Cuisines by Mina Holland

In this book, author Mina Holland takes readers all over the world to learn about thirty-nine different cuisines; flavors, ingredients, techniques, you name it. If COVID has you stuck indoors, but you’re pretty wanderlust by nature, this is the perfect book for you. It’ll also come in handy when we can finally travel around the world again! This book is described as being “as comfortable in your kitchen as it is at your bedside”. (Source)

2. The Garden Chef with an introduction by Jeremy Fox

The Garden Chef by Jeremy Fox includes a TON of recipes that are all centered around, you guessed it, things you can grow in the garden. Readers will enjoy stories and recipes from some of the world’s greatest chefs, as well as what they grow in their own gardens. From traditional kitchen gardens and raised beds to greenhouses and urban community farms, no matter what shade of green your finger is, you’ll be sure to enjoy this read.

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3. My Life in France by Julia Child

Odds are, even if you aren’t a professional chef, you’ve come across the name Julia Child; but you may not fully understand how or why she’s so iconic in the food world. Snag a copy of My Life in France to learn all about Child’s time in France in her own words before she took the world by storm by creating a new approach to American cuisine. The New York Times described this book as “a delight”.

4. So You Think You’re a Foodie? by Alexandra Parsons

We could tell you all about this fun read, but we’ll let the book tell about itself: “So if you’ve ever wondered what your partner, friend, or sibling sees in spending hours trudging through muddy fields on a quest for an elusive mushroom when they could have just gone to the supermarket, or are bemused by their insistence on trying offal at every opportunity rather than sticking to steak, then these wise words provide sensible answers.”

5. Give a Girl a Knife: A Memoir by Amy Thielen

If you fancy a good memoir, you’ll want to get your hands on a copy of Amy Thielen’s book, Give a Girl a Knife. This story begins in the rural Midwest, then transports readers to the fine-dining world of New York, and ends up back where readers started in the Midwest as the author discovers her true culinary roots. (

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