Making Friends Can Be Hard, These Apps Can Help!

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s really hard to make friends as an adult. And frankly, no matter what age we are, it can be a little scary too. Aside from work and other obligations taking up exactly 200% of our time, throw in social distancing and multiple plagues making their way around the world, and well, who wants to leave the house anyway? But the thing is, friends are really good for our mental and physical health, but if you’re stumped about the whole where to meet them thing, there’s an app for that. Multiple apps, in fact, so let’s take a look at a few of our favorites! 

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Meetup is a great app to meet people with similar interests as you! All you have to do is set up a free account, which you can do through Facebook, Google, Apple, or your e-mail account, select your city, then start checking the boxes of things that interest you. Meetup will then connect you to a number of, well, meet-ups that are happening nearby that you might be interested in. If you’re feeling particularly extroverted, you can set up your own meetup on the app as well! Check it out here

Bumble BFF 

Yes, Bumble, as in the dating app, but this is strictly for friends. You’ll still create a profile with a quick bio and list your interests, then from here you’ll swipe left or right depending on whether you’re interested in becoming friends or not based on the other person’s profile. The big difference in the apps being it’s not solely up to the woman to make the first move, anyone can when it comes to becoming besties. ( Check it out here

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If you’re looking for a gym buddy or someone to go on morning runs with, then Atleto is just the app you’re looking for! You can meet people, groups, or entire communities that are interested in the same type of training you are, or even create your own. Check it out here

Meet My Dog

Most of us can probably agree that dog people are the best kind of people and if you’re looking to meet other dog-owners in your area, then you’ll appreciate the Meet My Dog app. You’ll create a free profile all about the things you and your doggo like to do together and from here you can check in to local dog parks so other nearby users receive a notification that you’re there and can come to hang if they want, or you can set up play dates and have private conversations with dog owners so you don’t have to be so public about your hangs. Check it out here.

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