These Witty and Hilarious Librarians Surprised Everyone With Their Sense Of Humor

by Shelley Thompson

Nowadays, people are incredibly reliant on the Internet to get information daily. Still, libraries play an essential role in learning because they help people obtain the required information. And even though libraries are places of silence, guarding humanity's best ideas, it does not necessarily mean that humor is prohibited. It is quite the opposite. So, to demonstrate that a good laugh can easily accompany a good read, here is a list of some of the funniest examples of librarian humor. From making fun of prohibited visitors to readers' requests for student motivation, these inventive solutions and pranks have captured everyone's attention. Scroll down to see why you should visit the library more often.

If you do not want to go extinct too, read!

A thesaurus is a reference book that lists synonyms and antonyms for words, right? Well, this witty librarian thought that the term thesaurus sounded like a dinosaur's name, so this is the sign they used to encourage people to read. 

This clever sign was at a college library entrance and looked pretty awesome. Moreover, the best part is that if someone does not know what a thesaurus is, they might feel the need to look for its meaning now.

This librarian wears their Panda Hat to work and it looks like this

The words 'work' and 'fun' should not be mutually exclusive. But they are for a large number of people. You will naturally do a better job and give more of yourself to anything that you enjoy. So, making your job something to look forward to is vital.

Some say that the more connected and engaged you are with your work, the more enjoyable it will be. So, it is clear that this cute librarian lives by that concept, understands the assignment, and slays their hat.

This local library procrastinated their display, and this is what they did instead

Procrastination is the practice of putting off an important task by focusing on less important, more enjoyable, and easier activities instead. It differs from laziness, which is the refusal to act. And sometimes, procrastination might limit your potential and jeopardize your career.

Well, this library in Indianapolis apologized to their customers for procrastinating and made a clever sign instead. And they seized the opportunity to get their customer's attention, too. What an excellent way to put a smile on people's faces! 

If you cannot remember the title, at least remember the color of the cover

When you have a book in mind, how do you find it in a library? It is important to remember that every library is unique. Even considering just one public library system, for example, the way that the same book is found can vary significantly.

So, if you are unsure about something in the library, ask the staff. After all, that is what they are there for. And apparently, many people come to this library every day looking for a book with a red cover.

This funny sign asks the customers to not let the cat in

If you are a cat lover and have one at home, you might know that your cat has keen senses and can easily determine where your attention is focused. It notices you staring at a piece of paper, and it assumes that if it sits on it, it will get your attention.

Apparently, Max is a nice cat, and he likes being in the library, but unfortunately, the library's owner and the librarians do not want Max inside the library so, please, do not let Max in. Thanks!

Mystery books indeed

It is impossible to mention mystery novels without mentioning the legendary Agatha Christie. None of her works has a story as well-crafted as And Then There Were None, which explains why it is the best-selling mystery novel of all time.

The mystery genre is a fiction genre that follows a crime, such as a murder or a disappearance, from the time when it is committed until it is solved. This library took that genre too literally, and this is what they did.

Batman returns to the library

Batman Returns is a superhero film written and directed by Tim Burton. Based on the character Batman from DC Comics, in this film, Batman clashes with wealthy industrialist Max Shreck and crime boss the Penguin. 

To encourage people to return their books, this library thought that it would be a good idea to put a poster of this superhero outside their return slot. Although it does not specify if he returns the books on time or not. 

Can you recognize that theme song?

Some excellent themes usually accompany the Dark Knight's adventures. Batman has existed for over 80 years, has kicked villainous butt, and has saved the day to various tunes. So, this witty librarian chose one, and this is what they did. Can you hear the theme song inside your head?

Nanananananananana BATMAN! This theme, possibly the most popular of all Bat songs, debuted in the 1966 series. For over 50 years, Bat-fans have remembered Neal Hefti's perfect blend of chase surf music and jazz.

Every year, this librarian dresses up as a book reaper to collect overdue books

Though books are always considered necessary, their keepers are not always treated with the same regard. Librarians are essential, especially in today's world of excess written material. Librarians understand the importance of leisure reading, and they become acquainted with their 'regulars' and their interests. 

They are aware of which books children read, so making suggestions for new material is simple. They also plan guest readers and in-school reading challenges to encourage both avid and reluctant readers. This lovely librarian certainly knows how to encourage kids to return their overdue books.

This local library is taking people’s mugshot

When a book is banned, what does it really mean? It means removing materials from a school or library's collection in response to objections from people who claim that they need to protect others from the complex information or ideas contained in the books.

However, some people argue that such actions oppose free speech and endanger tolerance and free expression. This library decided not to take it so seriously by taking mugshots of people who read banned books. 

They have this sign on their dropoff slot

Although libraries are generally a free service that many local residents value, overdue library books can result in fines, warrants, or even jail time. People usually return books before they are overdue in order to avoid increasing fines.

This library asks readers to yell 'not a squirrel' when opening the book drop since, apparently, squirrels usually sneak in and steal Keith's lunch. Poor Keith. Dry corn on the cob is preferred by squirrels over bark, twigs, and soil, but the librarian's lunch definitely tastes better.

This public library has a clever solution for cold temperatures

Everybody needs friends who will be there for them when they need them and will understand them without judging. And books can be your lifelong best friends for all the right reasons. Good books enrich your minds and broaden your outlook on life.

Furthermore, being in the company of books will never make you feel lonely. Some even say that a book can be a loaded gun since reading can be dangerous because it kills ignorance. This library invites people to enjoy the company of a nice book.

You can find alternative facts in the fiction section, of course

Something that is not true can be defined as fiction, right? For instance, a book that is not based on a true story could be considered fiction. The term 'fiction' refers to literature created from the author's imagination. 

Fiction genres might include mysteries, science fiction, romance, fantasy, and crime thrillers. So, this library offers alternative facts in its fiction section for those who would like to escape reality for a while. Nice marketing strategy.

They went to the library but accidentally ended up in 'Interstellar'

Do you remember Interstellar, the science fiction film that Christopher Nolan directed and produced in 2014The plot revolves around some astronauts who journey through a wormhole near Saturn in search of a new home in a dystopian future where society is struggling to survive.

Well, this might be this reader's last chance to find a habitable planet before going extinct due to a lack of resources. They just need a pilot tasked with leading a mission through that wormhole to find another planet in another galaxy.

Sometimes, it is good to know that you are safe from Velociraptors

Velociraptor is a genus of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur that lived between 75 and 71 million years ago, during the Cretaceous Period. There are currently two species recognized, though others have been assigned in the past.

Even though this dinosaur has been extinct for a long period, from time to time, it is good to know that you can go to a library and enjoy a good book without having to worry about this creature's attacks.

A book is a man's best friend

The phrase 'man's best friend' refers to domestic dogs' millennia-long history of close relationships, loyalty, friendship, and companionship with humans. However, according to Groucho Marx, a book is a man's best friend. Take a look at this library's hilarious sign.

Julius Henry 'Groucho' Marx was an actor, comedian, and writer. Nowadays, he is regarded as a master of quick wit and one of America's greatest comedians. So, maybe everybody should follow his piece of advice. 

They rephrased a rap song using the word 'books'

Anthony Ray, a Seattle-based rapper, also known as Sir Mix-a-Lot, built a diverse career on the back of early success in a regional rap scene. 'Baby Got Back,' from his 1992 album 'Mack Daddy,' became a cross-market anthem.

This happened particularly after its accompanying music video, which was briefly banned by MTV because 'Baby Got Back' was considered a tribute to female anatomy. This library altered the lyrics to that song and gave birth to this marvelous creation.

This university library has a unique self-checkout

Self-checkout machines, also known as assisted or self-service checkouts, usually allow customers to complete their own transactions from a retailer without needing a traditional staffed checkout. This library took that definition to the next level and provided readers with a different experience.

'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best seller of them all?' This modern library placed a mirror on the wall and allows its clients a quick self-checkout. Moreover, this looks like a good idea and an Instagrammable place to take a selfie. 

When they opened this beautiful wooden writing desk in the library, they found this spooky message

Probably, a good assumption to make is that most people work extremely hard. And aside from the fact that doing anything worthwhile requires hard work and dedication, the trend for American workers has been longer and longer hours.

Sometimes, a little office laughter is needed to break up the day and recharge after spending so much time focusing on serious stuff. And of course, you do not want to bore your coworkers with the same old jokes.

A kid lost their turtle in the library and the librarian found it in a curious spot

This man's wife is a high school librarian, and one day, one of her students lost their turtle in the library. Later that week, they found it like this. This woman swore that the picture was not staged. Take a look and judge for yourself. 

In case you did not know, Donatello is a superhero who appears in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and other media productions. He wears a purple mask over his eyes and is the smartest and often gentlest of his brothers.

Libraries are never overbooked, pun intended

Since empty seats are not profitable, overbooking allows an airline to ensure that every seat on the plane is profitable. Sometimes, data from previous flights connecting the same points is used to calculate the 'no-show rate,' which helps airlines determine how many extra tickets to sell.

According to this Instagram user called Pete, this witty sign is located at East Hampton Public Library in East Hampton, Connecticut. Moreover, this photo was taken when he worked there. In fact, he was the one that did this.

Books are the best weapons in the world

For those of you who might not know, Doctor Who is a British science fiction television series. The series follows the adventures of a Time Lord known as 'the Doctor,' an extraterrestrial who appears to be human.

He travels the universe in the TARDIS, a time-traveling spaceship. The exterior of the TARDIS resembles a blue British police box, which was common in Britain in 1963 when the series first aired. Maybe due to all these reasons, this library chose to quote that series.

This person left their library's spot for a minute and this is what they found when they got back

You might have seen these signs in public places: 'Do not leave your belongings unattended.' When things are left unattended, you know that there is a high possibility of them getting stolen. This library wanted to warn its clients, so they put this sticker on their laptops.

However, the downside of this strategy might be that the thief only needs to look for the red card because the library staff has conveniently labeled all confirmed unattended laptops. Normally, a thief may be concerned that the owner or someone else is watching them.

This cute sign convinces you of grabbing a Wookie from 'Star Wars'

Do you remember Han Solo, right? The Millennium Falcon's captain in George Lucas' Star Wars franchise? He was a great leader of the Rebel Alliance and, together with Chewbacca, they became believers in the cause of galactic liberty.

So, they joined Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa in their fight against the Empire. Well, this library wants you to join Wookie to fight against loneliness with this funny sign. Will you take on this challenge?

Mandatory maintenance on all their computers

Computer maintenance can help prevent viruses and malware and keep your computer in good working order. Regular maintenance ensures that your antivirus software remains current and functional. Certainly, nothing is more infuriating than a computer that runs too slowly.

Besides, this can help you extend the life of your devices as well as browse the web more safely. So, apparently, this library needed to perform mandatory maintenance on their devices, and this is the threatening yet funny message they left.

Again, do not leave your personal belongings unattended

As the world becomes more mobile, more and more workers are using laptops. People bring their computers with them everywhere and laptops are becoming an increasingly popular target for thieves as they become smaller, lighter, and more valuable on the black market.

According to the Department of Police Services, stealing your laptop takes only one thief and ten seconds. So, this is the creative and smart way that this library found to warm their customers. 

This library trolled 'the blue cover' people

Sometimes, you suddenly remember a book that you used to cherish when you were younger or maybe you want to buy a book that some 'bookfluencer' recommended on their Instagram account but it is hard to remember its name. 

This Twitter user, Karah Sutton, decided to take this photo because people used to ask her this kind of question all the time when she was working at a bookstore.

The librarians in Eastbourne do not want dogs in their library, but rabbits are allowed

Dogs are unquestionably the best. Over the last 30,000 years, humans and dogs have evolved together. Dogs are known for being man's best friend for a variety of reasons. They amuse their owners with their antics and greet them with an exuberant wag of the tail.

However, dogs are not so welcome in this library since some people say that dogs could misbehave. Nevertheless, other animals are welcomed, which could be kind of biased. Well, this Twitter user is planning to bring 100 rabbits to mock this sign. 

This funny sign features a reference from 'Doctor Who'

Going back to Doctor Who, you might be familiar with The Vashta Nerada, these ravenous hunters capable of removing meat from a body with terrifying speed and efficiency. They tend to avoid light and are frequently hidden in dark patches resembling shadows.

The general warning to 'Stay out of the shadows' if you suspect that these creatures are nearby is quite famous. So, this library wants you to know that you do not need to worry about the Vashta Nerada.

This student saw this Redbox kiosk at their college library

Redbox Automated Retail LLC is an American video rental company that specializes in DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD, and previously video game rentals through automated retail kiosks. Therefore, this library implemented the logo of this company to catch their reader's attention.

Nowadays, renting videos is quite rare, so these sneaky librarians thought that it would be a good marketing strategy to put their books on display like this. So, they have this area that looks like the movie rental kiosk Redbox.

They combined 'Star Trek' and 'Shrek' to create 'Star Shrek'

You may be familiar with Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry's science fiction media franchise that began with the eponymous 1960s television series and quickly became a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon. This series has spawned numerous films, television shows, video games, novels, and comic books.

And there is no need for introductions with Shrek, the computer-animated film where an ogre named Sherk sets out with a donkey on a journey to save Princess Fiona from a vile lord and reclaim his swamp. This library mixed these two titles, and it looks like this. 

In this chaothic library, there are books all over the place

It is critical to organize library materials to find them more easily, saving users time when looking for documents. Subject access becomes easier in the case of specific subject material, and the area appears tidy.

Apparently, this university's library uploaded this messy picture to their Facebook page. So, as you can imagine, something must have happened to this library's books, as they ended up all over the place like this. 

You name your department's cartel when you are having a bad day at work

The workplace can be both enjoyable and productive for some employees. You can plan ways to encourage positivity and humor among your team members, and knowing about fun work activities can help you implement activities that align with your coworkers' interests.

Anyway, this librarian might have been having a terrible day at work, so they decided to name their department's cartel with some funny names to cheer them up. But what about you? Do you have any special method to cheer yourself up?

Enjoy this library's large section of invisible books

This library's reading display was coming soon, so they decided to put a funny yet temporal sign for readers to know that. And this is the clever message that they chose to convey. Check it out.

This creative library offers their clients some 'invisible' books to enjoy while their reading display is delivered. And this sounds like the perfect strategy to empty that void space and make their readers laugh at the same time.

Silence during exam periods is vital

Do you know what happens on college entrance exam day in Korea? It is called the Suneung test and on this day, all of Korea will be deafeningly silent. This test determines whether they can attend college so Korea's attention is focused on the students. 

And to ensure that students are not late for exams, public transportation operates at higher frequencies than usual. Police are also on the streets to assist students. Even planes are unable to take off or land. Moreover, Zoolander's characters seem to agree.

Books with orange covers are here, you are welcome

As you might have noticed throughout this article, it is quite frequent that people enter a library without knowing the title of the book they are looking for. Therefore, librarians have come up with a magnificent idea.

Amélie Matte, a Twitter user, decided to share this cute picture with their followers, proving that librarians got jokes and are the secret masters of the universe. So, if you are looking for a book with an orange cover, you are in the right place.

Always remember to return your library book

Libraries, which house centuries of learning, information, and history, are critical defenders of the truth. Moreover, libraries help keep the public informed with facts rather than being confused with fiction by providing free access to educational, news, and historical resources.

For all these reasons, it is always important to take your borrowed books back to the library. Some libraries have a 3-week borrowing limit, but you should only keep it for as long as you absolutely have to. It is simply polite. 

Banners are sometimes a library's best friend

Banners are considered an effective way to convey a message and are available in various sizes that are appropriate for different purposes. Besides, they are commonly used to draw attention to a company or an event. 

Moreover, they are immediately noticeable due to their size or color, which draws the eye. So, this library chose a funny comparison to convey its message to pedestrians who might become potential readers once they notice this sign.  

Take a look at this motivational poster found in a school’s library

If you are over 30, you probably know Nicolas Cage, the actor and film producer born into the Coppola family who has received numerous awards. Plus, he starred in several films, such as City of Angels, Wild at heart, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

So, just like some teenagers used to hang posters of their favorite actors and music bands in their bedrooms, this library found a pretty creative (and some might even say gorgeous) idea to encourage people to read. 

'Reading is good for circulation'

Reading is beneficial because it improves your concentration, memory, empathy, and communication skills. Moreover, it can help you live longer, reduce stress, and improve your mental health. Reading also allows you to learn new things that will help you succeed at work and in your relationships.

Circulation is the process by which the heart circulates blood throughout the body. And although circulation is mostly automatic, there are some things that you can do to improve it. This library wrote a pun and promises that reading is beneficial for circulation, too.

Helen created a new labeling system

After cataloging materials for the library collection, they must be properly labeled for patron use. This includes making certain that the library's name is stamped on the item and any packaging it may have. But here is what Helen did instead.

Helen was working at Waldenbooks, so they relabeled the New Age shelf as 'Blue and White Books About Light.' This hilarious joke made this librarian giggle uncontrollably. So, this might have been a positive change after all. 

They put a funny sign on a trolley

Library book trolleys come in a variety of styles, but the majority do one thing very well. When not in use, they are large, cumbersome, and inflexible, making them ideal for transporting a large number of books from point A to point B.

They began as simple book carts to assist librarians in shelving books more efficiently, but they proved to be so versatile that they are now used in classrooms too. This librarian found a funny sign to put on their library trolley to make readers laugh.

They found this in the children’s section of a local library

Children's sections in libraries are created to foster a love of books and reading at an early age. This section provides access to resources in all formats, reading promotion activities, and other related services to encourage children to read.

However, some people soon realized that this sign, which displays a pun, might not be appropriate for kids if you consider it from another point of view. Some say that this double entendre might have an adult meaning as well. 

This librarian joke made Twitter burst into laughter

Makenzie Huber, a Twitter user, shared this funny sign she found at Briggs Library with her followers. And although you might have already realized due to this article that librarians are gateways to knowledge and culture, they are definitely the masters of puns, too.

Some people argue that laughter is universal and predates humans, whereas humor appears alongside modern humans, jokes can be found wherever there is a record of modern humans. Well, at least this librarian joke made Makenzie laugh for a while.

Someone thought that Ryan Gosling's eyes could help you with stress

You might know Ryan Gosling from La La Land, the romantic musical comedy-drama film, or from The Notebook, the romantic drama. However, this librarian knows him for being a peaceful person. Take a look at this calming poster.

Ryan Thomas Gosling has worked in blockbuster films of various genres and has amassed a worldwide box office gross of over 1.9 billion dollars. Nevertheless, his most important achievement might be being a peacemaker.