Jewelry Trends for Spring ’22 We Can’t Wait For

2022 is right around the corner and that means it’s time to do one of our most favorite things, drumroll please, start researching what is going to be in style come the new season. And today we’re specifically talking jewels! After all, is an outfit truly complete without some sort of bauble? Okay, well, yeah it definitely can be, but we do love to add that little extra something to ours by way of trinkets. If you tend to gravitate toward the same pieces day after day, 2022 will be the year for you to really play with accessories because pretty much anything goes. Don’t believe us? Take a look at a few of our favorite jewelry trends for spring ‘22! 

Y2K, Baby

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Raise your hand if you actually thought the Y2K trend was going anywhere. No show of hands? Same. This trend is going to be as strong as ever as we head into the spring, and the brightly colored jewelry is here to prove it. Think flower and butterfly charms, big plastic rings, and bright colored all the things. We do have to admit that in 2022 we will be seeing a  much more refined version of what we once wore, but that won’t stop us from re-watching all of our favorite late ‘90s – ‘00s rom-coms to brush up on our Y2K style. 

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Arm Candy

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Speaking of Y2K, arm cuffs are going to be a thing this spring, and to be honest, we aren’t really sure what to think of it. It’s very much giving us Spice Girls, which is pretty cool when we think about it. Since it is 2022 and not 1998, we don’t presume people will be wearing their arm cuffs with an Adidas jogger, crop top, and blue body glitter, but rather in a more sophisticated way, even over a long sleeve top as a way to add a little more interesting detail to your ensemble. 

Statement Earrings

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Were statement earrings ever out of style? If so, not in our little worlds. But lucky for us, statement earrings are coming back in a big way this spring! Big shapes, bold colors, you name it. Statement earrings are among the easiest of ways to take your outfit up a notch or if you prefer pretty minimal outfits, statement earrings make for a great accent piece to your fit. 

Chain Linkin’ 

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When it comes to chainlink jewelry this spring, the bigger the better. While a classic chain is always a good choice, there will also be a number of chains out there that have a little something extra about them such as a woven strip of a textile or an accent clasp to add some interest. Another bold jewelry move for the coming season.

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