Hey Bestie, Let’s Start Romanticizing Life!

You know how in movies we always see those scenes where the protagonist walks around town looking flawless, as she steps into her favorite bookstore with a hot cup of pumpkin latte, and all around her autumn leaves are falling, and everything just looks picture perfect? Or those scenes where they’re just hanging out at home, but everything seems so romantic? Those small moments that make us go, ‘How romantic!’ are what we all live for. Well, a romantic life can be yours once we look beyond the mundane. Everyone deserves a beautiful life and by taking advantage of various opportunities throughout the day. In other words, making the ordinary extraordinary. Taking steps to romanticize your life may seem intimidating because you don’t know where to start, but that’s where we come in. Here are a few things you can do during your more run-of-the-mill days to give them a little more intrigue!

Light scented candles whenever you can

Whether it’s in the morning while you’re getting ready to start the day or you’re still having to work from home, just turn off the lights and light a candle. This is a seemingly small thing you can do to create a relaxing atmosphere by enjoying the ambiance a candle gives you as well as your favorite scent.

Take a bath at the end of the day

No ordinary bath though, we’re saying: pull out all the stops. Play some soft music, and fill your bath with Epsom salts or essential oils, and simply soak. This is a great time to read, listen to an audiobook, or catch up on some shows.

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Make gourmet meals

You don’t have to be a world-renowned chef to make delicious meals, all you really need is a kitchen, a few ingredients, and a willingness to try and create some delicious art. Find recipes online that sound like you would order them at your favorite restaurant, then put some music on, open a bottle of wine, and get busy.

Do one of your favorite things every day

Make time to have a relaxing cup of coffee at home, make some art, visit your favorite store, or watch an extra hour of your favorite show; whatever it is that you love and makes you feel good, set aside time to do it.

Buy yourself flowers

Or your favorite chocolate or a new plant. You can also buy some flowers to surprise a close friend (and hope they return the favor one day!). That way, you help romanticize someone else’s day, which is still pretty great.

Take photos

The moment doesn’t have to be picture-perfect, but if you see something that makes you happy, snap a photo! You won’t regret it. We don’t always feel like taking photos when we’re just hanging out at home or doing something that seems mundane, but sometimes, even those seemingly ordinary moments are worth capturing. (https://winandoffice.com)

Catch a sunrise or sunset

We don’t have to explain the magic about this one – you get it. That’s perhaps the most romantic one on the list. Go for an evening (or a morning) stroll and catch a sunrise – with your dog, your friend, your partner, or even by yourself.

Plan a dinner party with friends

COVID has had us all a little cooped up and introverted, so call up your favorite humans, plan a menu, and get the playlist just right. With little effort, you’ll have the time of your life! For a little extra fun, assign a theme to your party!

Take yourself on a whole date

That’s right, you heard us. You need some me-time, and we’re not talking about another binge session. Get dressed up, pick a new restaurant to try or an old favorite, catch a movie, whatever your idea of the perfect date is – do that.

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