Hey Bestie, Let’s Fall in Love With Being Single

Some people like being single, some people hate being single, and if you fall in the latter category, then we’ve got some big news for you: you can find joy here too, you just have to let it come. And we know that especially if you’ve just come out of a breakup, this may seem impossible, so we’ve created this little guide for you to help you on your journey. Let’s find the joy in solace together. 

Being single is the prime time to figure out what you really want in life. So often when we’re in a relationship our dreams and the things we hope to achieve in life are often shared hopes and dreams, and shared hopes and dreams often come with their fair share of stipulations and “what ifs”. But when you’re single, you get to figure out what you, and only you, want out of this thing called life. 

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Now is the time to deepen non-romantic relationships that have otherwise taken the back burner. Maybe you have some friends you haven’t seen in a long time or even a family member that you’ve been missing, there is nothing stopping you from meeting up with these important people in your life and not only catching up but committing to a new way. 

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One word: travel. We aren’t saying that you have to get so far out of that comfort zone that all of a sudden you’re in a faraway land with no money and don’t speak the native tongue, but we are saying that traveling alone has about five billion perks. Start small and venture to a city or quaint small town near you for the weekend. We think you’ll fall in love with going where you want to go and experiencing what you want to experience real quick. 

You now have the freedom to do whatever you want. Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn a new hobby or start going to yoga or maybe you’ve just been wanting to start a new show on Netflix, whatever the case may be, you have the time now without having to include someone else’s schedule in the mix. 

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Set some new goals and take the time to write them down. This may feel silly, but trust us on this one, setting some new, lofty goals will totally change how you think and what you want to focus on. It’s time to focus on you, bestie. 

Know that can do this alone and make sure you’re taking care of yourself. You only get this one life and whether you have a partner or not isn’t the only factor that determines if you’ve had a quality life or not. You’ve got this. Just make sure you’re taking care of yourself, eating delicious food, drinking enough water, moving your body, and laughing a whole lot. Learn to accept help from people and know that “thank you” will always be a magic word. (Okay, well, words.)

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