Grandparents Who Know How To Live

Reaching the third age is not always synonymous with fun. Still, these grandparents know how to enjoy life through laughter, sometimes at the expense of their children or grandchildren, other times at the expense of strangers and others by simply going against stereotypes that society has regarding the elderly. They are the most evident proof that we must not stop having fun and joking despite the passing of time; because a couple of wrinkles are nothing more than the sign of experience in the art of trolling and pranks. So bring your notebook and pencil, take a seat and learn a few lessons; you will use them in the future.

Lesson learned

Even in the animal kingdom, you cannot escape from the scolding of an angry grandmother. But look at the expression of regret on the face of that poor bird. I had never seen such a sad pelican; it probably got red-handed, wanting to steal some food from a picnic.

Image courtesy of Schnarf_Shnarf/Reddit

We do not know precisely what crime the pelican has committed, but it is clear that it will return to its nest to think about what just happened. Moral of the story? Don’t try to stick your beak where it doesn’t belong.

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