Failed Dates That Will Make Us Want To Stay Single Forever

Going on a first date can often be very challenging. You are nervous about meeting that person you like, especially if you have been talking to them for a long time and feel an incredible bond between you. When we go on a date, we plan our outfits, what we say, and how we act. But sometimes, things go beyond our will and start to go wrong. A date can be ruined faster than you think. Jimmy Fallon asked his followers to share their worst experiences on a first date, and this was the result. After reading these tweets, you will probably have doubts about dating, so read at your discretion; that’s all we can advise.

The date ended because of a movie

Watching a movie with someone is a whole process. First, decide which genre you like best and find the perfect title to watch. Usually, the film is just an excuse to meet, and it does not matter. But, if your date is too obsessive about movie ratings, beware.

image courtesy of @jimmyfallon/Twitter

This person saw that the movie was rated R and had to ask his mom for permission to watch it, even though he was twenty-one already. Some people are mama’s babies regardless of age, right? The date ended at that moment and ended up as a pretty bizarre anecdote.

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