Exceptional Teacher Stories That Made School Days More Enjoyable

Every Monday morning, when our phone’s alarm goes off, we remember why we hate going to school so much. It can sometimes be a sad experience for young people. Between long periods, bullying, exams, and especially maths, there are just a few things that might help us get through the day. And let’s be honest, teachers are on the same boat as the students, but they tend to make their lives a little more challenging. For every nine bad teachers, there is one that stands out and helps you recover faith in humanity. Jimmy Fallon took to their fans and asked them to celebrate those teachers with the hashtag #MyTeacherIsFunny. Let’s take a look at some of the heroes.

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Safety first

I remember having chemistry class at the school lab and my teacher following everyone around, demanding that we follow every single safety rule and procedure to the point of annoyance. It was almost overwhelming, and we couldn’t memorize every single direction. Sometimes this occurs, especially because we don’t believe anything bad could really happen to us.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@megrosehoop; Photo courtesy of ThisisEngineering RAE/Unsplash

Maybe it would have been easier to follow safety procedures if I had had the same teacher as Megan Hooper. Having a visual reference of what would happen if you didn’t follow them (a cow’s eye melting in acid, in this case) can be an excellent way to reinforce the idea of why it is so important to wear goggles in a chemistry lab.

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