Everything We Know About Heatless Curls

If you’ve been scrolling TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook, then you’ve probably seen some kind of advertisement for heatless curls. Now, a year or so ago (give or take) the trend was to take socks or the belt of a robe and somehow maneuver your hair around said socks or robe, and by some kind of black magic you were supposed to wake up with perfectly buoyant curls. To be honest, we were much too lazy for that, but now there are actual tools you can buy to create these curls with ease. (No black magic required!) So today we’re going over everything we know about heatless curls. 

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First things first, we keep using the term heatless curls, and some of you are probably wondering what we’re even talking about. Heatless curls are just that, curls that are achieved without the use of heat. 

Fair enough, but why go through all of this for heatless curls when you can easily get curls with some heat? Heatless curls mean you don’t have to risk damaging your hair like you do when you opt to use hot rollers, and/or curling or waving wands. Another big win is that heatless curls can last for days with minimal product. And with less styling and product comes less hair loss.

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When it comes to prepping your hair for heatless curls, we recommend washing your hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner to keep frizz minimal. Once you’ve washed your hair, dry with a microfiber towel, comb it out, and apply a serum to keep your locks smooth. Bada-bing, you’re ready for the curling tool of your choice! Some will say to apply curly hair product, but we’ll let you be the judge. 

Okay, okay, you’ve made it this far, and we hope we’ve answered your burning questions. Let’s talk about what tools you can nab that will give you long, curly locks. 

Heatless Hair Curling Rod

This is more than likely the product you’ve seen the most of recently, and this is one of the best products you can get for bouncy curls. The process is simple; you just put the rod around your head, wrap your hair around it, utilize the scrunchies to keep it all in place while you get your beauty rest and when you wake, you’ll have perfect curls! Buy here

Heatless Spiral Curlers

If you prefer a defined, spiral curl, then these spiral or barrel curlers are what you’ll want. These are more true to the curler style most of us are familiar with, just softer and a little easier to sleep on. You’ll use the hook to pull your hair through, then take the curlers out once your hair is dry, apply a little hairspray, tousle your hair a bit, and you’re good to go! (https://bellarinova.com) Buy here

Flexi Rods

If you’re looking for an all-over bouncy voluminous curl, you’ll want to get your hands on some flexi-rods. You’ll just take a rod, wrap your hair around it, keep rolling until you get to the top of your head, then twist your rods to keep them in place. Buy here.

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