Curious Bill-Notes Left In Bars And Restaurants

Around the world, it is common to give a show of gratitude, or the opposite, to a service provided by the waiters and waitresses of a restaurant or a bar. It is regarding this, that we can find different quite curious notes which range from the grotesque, even the fun, going through the tender, the exciting, also the rude and the disrespectful. As we can see below, we are presented with a series of images which are very curious and make us think that this world and the world of bars and restaurants are perhaps a little more interesting than we thought they could be. We may find ourselves with the most curious notes given on a restaurant bill.

The unique juice

Here we are in front of an unusual flaw in writing, and we can observe that the meaning of the whole sentence changes its way, leaving a word quite inadequate to name a juice. As a restaurant owner, we realize that you have to be quite careful with small details because in the small things, we can measure your responsibility for the business.

Typography, for example, because this is not a spelling error; it is a typing error. It could be a bit funny for some people, but it could have become somewhat disturbing for the customers of this restaurant. What would you do if you found this rareness on your bill note?

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